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If You Are in the UK the Airtime Rewards is a Cashback App You Won’t Want to Pass on

Airtime Rewards is a mobile phone app that allows you to save money and earn cashback on your phone bill while you shop.

It works on pay as you go as well as pay monthly phone bills. Airtime Rewards are created by the same team that created Orange Wednesdays and 02 Priority, they have been working on redefining loyalty for network customers for over 15years.

At its peak, there were over 8 million people using orange Wednesdays for 2-4-1 tickets at the cinema. Which in turn meant that cinemas had a busy weekday at the cinema.

They feel that as over 79% of adults own a smartphone, and hate paying bills this was a smart new way to reward customers, without having to use a loyalty card, QR codes or vouchers. It was simple and easy to use just by adding debit or credit cards and rewarding customers for their shopping and going about their day to day life.

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The mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple app store, or google apps for free. You then add your credit or debit cards that you shop within stores and online. You can check the app for the stores you love to shop with and how much % you can make back from your purchase.

The great thing about Airtime Rewards is that you don’t need to always check the app as you can shop with the stores that you already shop with, making it easy and rewarding to just shop how you normally do.


It’s important to use the app as a way to earn cashback on what you’re already spending and not use it as a way to overspend. With Christmas fast approaching, this is a great app to use to earn yourself some rewards while you shop for gifts for others. You can then treat yourself by not having to spend as much on your phone bill next month.

The App currently works on a number of networks including 02, EE, BT, Three, giffgaff and Vodafone. Some people who have Tesco mobile have also been able to use the app, so it’s worth downloading to find out if it works for you.

Airtime Rewards works with companies like Primark, Waitrose, Butlins, Boots Clarks and Wilko. You just need to shop online or in-store, with the cards registered to your account. Some stores also accept google or apple pay, which makes it easier to track these too. The amount offered by stores is between 1- 10% cashback, but this can fluctuate.

However, most stores seem to be offering around 5%. There is no limit on how much you can earn. If you’re planning a big purchase like a tv, the latest Xbox, fridge or even a cooker, and you do your normal shop at places like Waitrose you will see your rewards build up very quickly. You can also earn rewards at restaurants like Tgi Fridays, Ask Italian and café Nero which means it’s even easier to earn rewards.

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Once you have bought your items including grocery’s the app will then track the purchase and you will then be awarded within 35days, however, this varies from retailer to retailer. This is to allow any items that are returned.

If you find that a purchase is missing you also can send in receipts in order to have the rewards added to the account, so it’s important to make sure you keep the receipts from stores that track your purchases in case it misses it, Although I have never had this problem.

Once you have saved enough rewards you can then ask for a payment to be deducted from your monthly or pay as you go phone bill. The minimum is £10. This will then be processed and the amount will be taken off your next month’s pay monthly bill or pay as you go bill. If you do not have enough rewards to ask for a payment, it will sit there until you’re able to make a payout. You also have the choice to keep the money in there and request a bigger amount to be paid at a later date. So you could save all your rewards until you have an expensive month coming up, like lots of people’s birthdays, and request that £30 is put towards your next phone bill, leaving you more money that month , as you have less to pay for your phone bill.

It’s important when signing up that you are the phone holder and bill holder for the account, as you enter your mobile number on signing up to the site.

Blogger Lipgloss And Curves has managed to save a whopping £116.26 on her phone bill since she started using the app. You can see her blog post and referral code by clicking here.